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The Marketer and Artist

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Frankie Cervantes admired her father Robert in many ways—his intelligence, diligence, creativity, and ability to paint just about anything. While it was a hobby, Robert became a commissioned artist. When he pulled out his canvas on the weekends, young Frankie was right by his side painting as if she were Picasso (laugh here). Shown below is her first oil painting at the age of four. During that time, they lived behind a farm in England. If you can see the farmer feeding the chicks, roosters, and a cow, you might want to consider yourself a fan of abstract art.


Following in her Father’s footsteps, Frankie later decided to delve deeper into her artistic ability, and just like Robert, she is now a commissioned artist. She’s well-versed in drawing/painting animals, structures, landscapes, etc., but Frankie prefers creating artwork that represents iconic pop culture varying from music, fashion, and technology from past decades. Her personalized holographic abstract pieces are popular with buyers from many parts of the United States. 

Frankie remains passionate about marketing and public relations and is equally passionate about her hobby—creating memorable artwork. Her pieces can be found at private showings and Historically Awesome.

Oil Painted at 4-Frankie Cervantes_edite
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