Connecting Data and Social Media

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

Social media is an essential tool for businesses who wish to communicate with their audiences; where traditional marketing and advertising provides a one-way dialogue from company to consumer, social media allows for a two-way relationship where the newly empowered consumer interacts with their favorite brands online.

​In order to execute effective social media marketing, it is essential to understand your audience and the social networks you—and they—are using. With the knowledge of each platform’s demographic, you can locate and connect with your target audience within each network.

Facts & Stats The following infographic summarizes basic usage and statistics of some of the major social media platforms, including suggestions for a business’s biggest opportunities with each profile.


Moving Forward Now that you know consumers on Facebook are the most interactive with brands they “like” on Fridays, you can plan to post important content (especially video) that day to increase its visibility and the likelihood of engagement. Along those same lines, Twitter users are particularly active from 10–11 PM, so scheduling content during this window is a good practice. ​That being said, these statistics cover the entire population of each social network; to be even more precise and targeted with your marketing strategy, you’ll need to complete research on your specific audience and their social media habits, but this is a good place to start. 



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