Frankly Communications specializes in brand marketing for consumer, fashion, entertainment and beauty clients. It’s easy to form a relationship, but we believe in building long-lasting partnerships. We want to fully engage with our clients by learning all their intricacies, philosophies, values and goals. We not only take the time to get to know the business but we also take the time to personally connect with YOU. Our approach to everything we do is authentic and impactful. Clients value our partnerships just as much as we value them. 

We just don't make logos, we make your brand sing. You'll stand out from the competition with each deliverable asset we produce from website design, logos, advertising and marketing campaigns to creative swag ideas. Your brand will attract the audience you desire. 


It is insufficient in today's mass media saturated culture to simply rely on your company name. Now, more than ever, it's critical to let your current and potential customers know who you are and what you can provide for them online. More importantly, it’s critical that you know your audience – where, when and what they’re capable of saying, doing and reacting to your product/company. Frankly Communications can take your company to the next level. We make sure your organization consistently maintains a positive public standing amidst all the noise that exists on and offline. We do this by identifying brand visibility, as well as completing a brand audit and social media audit. We provide strategies that will help you respond to any situations and ensure your company is a hot topic of discussion around the water cooler. 

We've earned some serious bragging rights with the events we have  executed. From Cannes (yes, in France), your best friend's wedding to the Grammy's, we own the red carpet in this category.


We can proudly say that we have successfully planned and executed more than 200 events in the following categories: Product Launches, Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate Award Shows, New Business Openings, Seminars, Trade Shows and other types of Conferences. Event planning can be a stressful endeavor but we know what it takes to coordinate and manage a top-notch event that highlights the best of you and your company. Frankly Communications planning and management services seek to satisfy and exceed your end-goals while staying within your budget. Let's be frank, life is full of reasons small and large to celebrate—even in and outside the workplace; let us use our distinctive eye for design and superior organization skills to bring your vision to life so you can relax and enjoy the celebration. 

Boost your visibility and engagement with one of the best ways for consumers to take notice of your product. We might have a few Rotten Tomatoes on this list!


One of the most effective ways to garner mass media exposure is to place your projects into celebrity work, often known as celebrity seeding or celebrity product placement. Consumers see it all the time in television shows, radio announcements, billboards and online-—they want to know what their favorite celebrities are doing, wearing, driving, eating, and more. So, why not integrate your product into their daily lives? Celebrity seeding can help you achieve coverage in the media at a fraction of the cost of advertising or paid A-list endorsements. Boost your product/company buzz with the help of our team. We'll teach you how to get a celebrity to not only like your product but also get captured using it. 

Increase your reach, audience and engagement with notable digital and social media campaigns. We create, produce and execute on plans that have legs for days!


Just about everybody and everything can be found on the internet. It's the place people go when anyone has a question, comment or inquiry about your product/company. It’s vital to any business to understand how to monitor and influence what is being said about your organization online. This a major component in the foundation of any stellar communication plan. Audiences are flocking to social media sites, blogging, deliberating and growing conversations using video, images and text that impact how your company/organization operates. By understanding your audiences, where they go to get information and what they're looking for, we can craft customized social and digital media plans to touch every potential and existing client, customer or constituent imaginable. We provide a suite of services including comprehensive social media audits, company training and workshops. 

Traditional media is not dead even though our founder once worked on the 'dark side'. Her list of national TV & print media is impressive her PR skills are too. We like tradition because we're good at it. 


Not only do we value your relationship but also value the relationships we have built with the media. The media has power to influence your brand reputation. Therefore, it is critical that we tap into our areas of media expertise and resources to get your company mass exposure to the public. We want to tell the world how great you are. We can do this for you with our team of professionals who are skilled with writing press releases and media pitching, finding and booking speaking engagements, targeted media follow up to make lasting, positive impressions and press kit development to bundle the best facets of your product/company in one awesome promotional package. Our team identifies and lists specific, targeted media publications, broadcast and online channels that you can use as foundational tools for growth and development. Even if you think your organization is failing in the public's eye, we can help with a plan and train company leaders and employees on how to respond in a moments notice.


We'll take the time to identify the right mix of communication activities that lead to the best growth potential. We want to get to know you, your vision, goals, values and philosophies that comprise your company’s identity. Relationships are essential to marketing strategy success. Our team positions your business/organization to highlight your most unique qualities in order to develop key messages, communication and marketing plans to maintain consistency. We also generate marketing collateral to make your identity a visual, tangible end product that you can proudly showcase to potential and existing audiences. Our marketing strategies seek to encompass your brand identity, the qualities that make your business/organization shine. Some of the services we offer: Marketing Positioning, Key Message Development, Communications Plans, Logo, Website, Collateral, Letterhead, Business Cards, etc. We make you shine.