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What People Sound Like in the Beehive State

#GrammarGuide: Commonly Mispronounced Words (Part III)

Accents are common across the world and in many countries, including most 50 states. Some are unique and others are hard to catch. After spending more than a week in the Beehive State, I discovered Utahns actually have an accent. The accent isn't strong like a Southern belle, but it's definitely noticeable.

Here are the Top 5 ways of how Utahns, and people outside of Utah sound like:

  1. Dropping the T (Coloradoans do this too): Mown'un = Mountain, bu'on = Button, Fown'un=Fountain

  2. Dropping the R (many people outside of Utah do this): Feb-u-ar-ee=February, Lie-Berr-ee=Library

  3. Dropping the E (violation across the country): Crick=Creek

  4. Replacing vowels: Sell=Sale Example: Garage Sale vs. Garage Sell (wrong). Mel=Meal, it was a good mel <-- try not to say this or this --> Rill=Reel, he rilled in a big fish.

  5. Replacing -ing with -ink. Say somthink=something, I like bikink=biking.

We're on to discover more mispronunciations or grammar errors. Stay tuned for next week's edition.


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