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Entering the Field of PR: Tips to Become a PR Pro

Author: Isa Almy, Marketing and PR Apprentice at Frankly Communications

The field of public relations is

ever changing, but the qualities of being a public relations professional have remained consistent. Writing, getting involved and being a news junkie are three things young PR professionals need to be practicing today.

Become a Wordsmith Writing is a vital skill for any business professional. Mastering writing is an effective way of telling your story. To capture your audience and communicate your message you must be able to write. Every PR professional continually builds upon their writing skills. As a young professional entering the workforce you must read thoughtful and meaningful articles, pay attention to well-written items and practice communicating your message on a consistent basis. Write articles, get published and promote your own improvement over time.

Get Involved Getting involved with your pr

ofessional community means taking control of the opportunities in your future. Organizations such as the PR club within your school or Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) will help build your network and learn from those with knowledge and experience. Involving yourself with professional communities and industry leaders could help while you’re searching for an opportunity or it can simply expand your network of contacts within the field.

Stay Current Lastly, familiarize yourself with current events. Reading the news daily will make you a solid

contributor to discussions and will help improve your writing skills. Others may spend their time scrolling through social media sites, but you can spend your valuable time becoming smarter and well informed by also reading industry publications online.  Current events change the way the world works every day. Being informed about relevant topics makes you a valuable asset to a public relations team.

Making extra efforts in these areas will better prepare you to begin a career in public relations. Being a bit of a news junkie, getting active in the PR community and practicing your storytelling skills will lead to more opportunities and greater success for your future in public relations.


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